Development strategy

«Akmol Holding» aims to increase the value of the business, provide a leading position in the markets of presence, increase the contribution to the development of the Kazakhstan economy.
The company’s management focuses on corporate governance, diversification and business restructuring.
«Akmol Holding»initiates the acquisition of new businesses that create synergy.

Improving the reputation of Kazakhstan’s business in international markets

Target 2025
Enter the top 100 major companies in Kazakhstan by the end of 2025

Company values

  • Investing in employees – COLLEGUES/PARTNERS are our main capital, increasing the cost of human capital leads to an increase in the value of the company.
  • Improving productivity – the transition from extensive to innovative, the introduction of modern management and decision-making methods
  • Safety and ecology are human and nature, we need to think about the future of our children
  • Social responsibility – we believe that if there is an opportunity to help, it should be provided
  • Openness and transparency – we are intolerant of any violations of the law, we are open to society